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NEW REMIX!! "Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul - Breathe"

Posted By: Unknown - 8/21/2011

Titulo:  Breathe (feat Kanye West & Lil Wayne) DJ TUE 2011 edit

Autor: Blu Cantrell & Sean Paul - Breathe (feat Kanye West & Lil Wayne) DJ TUE 2011 edit

Estilo: R&B - hip-hop

Año: 2003


 Released in July 2003, the album's lead single became a smash hit in Europe and a modest success in the United States. The song uses a slightly altered instrumental of Dr. Dre's 1999 song "What's the Difference" featuring Eminem and Xzibit, which revolved around a sample from Charles Aznavour's 1966 song "Parce Que Tu Crois". The song was originally recorded for the Bittersweet album without Sean Paul, but his vocals were added for the single release. The song was particularly successful in the United Kingdom, where it debuted at number one on the UK Official Download Chart on August 4, 2003, and topped the UK Singles Chart the week dating August 9, 2003, where it spent four weeks at the top spot in August 2003, knocking Daniel Bedingfield's "Never Gonna Leave Your Side" off of the top position, and then being knocked off by the 2003 remix of Elton John's "Are You Ready for Love".


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